Indian seaweed farmer and crop in its natural environment pic

We are SeaNutri.

SeaNutri LLC is a California-based company dedicated to the import and marketing of seaweed-based products in the United States to improve the agricultural productivity and also enhance the livelihood and social status of seaweed farmers located in coastal areas of India. 


Our mission is to establish aqua-agriculture as a sustainable livelihood for the coastal communities by creating viable and scalable business models, while operating in a manner that is environmentally responsible and beneficial to society on the whole.


We will strive to maximize shareholder value, provide opportunities for growth and improvement to our employees, provide creative and competitive solutions to our business partners and, above all, provide a sustainable livelihood opportunity to the self-help cultivation groups who are our partners in this endeavor.


The sea plant cultivation is a financially viable and sustainable model for the grower and offers an attractive livelihood opportunity for the coastal communities. In order to scale-up the business, a model for multi-stake holder partnerships has been established involving the Self-Help Groups, Supporting NGOs, Government Developmental Agencies, Nationalized Banks and the Company.


The basic technology for the cultivation and subsequent processing of sea plants (namely Kappaphycus alvarezii) was developed and sourced from Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute (CSMCRI, Bhavnagar). CSMCRI invented a unique process that creates two products in an integrated manner, one being a granular residue rich in k-carrageenan and the other being the plant sap, rich in potash and plant nutrients.


Our goal is to leverage the seaweeds produced by these coastal communities to manufacture and supply transformational organic inputs for farmers in North America, and around the world, that can be used to improve crop productivity and the quality of produce without detrimental impact on the environment.


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