How to Use AQUASAP


AQUASAP can be used as a general immunity booster and nutrient source and can be added to water to create a pure seaweed sap solution or can be added to other liquid fertilizer solutions for enhanced benefit.* AQUASAP can be used as root dip and transplant solution for vegetables, starter solution for field and cash crops, foliar solution for all crops including vineyards and other fruits, nuts, grains, forage, oil seed and all other field crops, and vegetables, and in fertigation systems.



AQUASAP should be applied 2-3 times per season at key growth stages to achieve the best results. Common application rate is 200 g per acre, per application, not to exceed 400 g/acre (1kg per hectare) per acre, per application.



Soak seeds or dip seedling roots in solution of 25 mg AQUASAP per litre of water. Do not exceed 30 mg AQUASAP per litre of water.



Apply a solution of 200 g AQUASAP dissolved in a minimum of 100 L of water, three times per season. If using more water, do not exceed 400 g AQUASAP per acre (9 g per 1000 ft2) per application.



Apply once per crop cycle, up to three times per season, at a rate of 200-400 g AQUASAP per 100 L of water.


Provisions for Preparing, Blending and storing AQUASAP

AQUASAP is 100% soluble and should be dissolved in clean, fresh water. Dissolve completely first, before adding to any other material. Agitate thoroughly to dissolve, completely.


Use up blended mixes. Do not store solutions that are not pure AQUASAP. Solutions of pure, liquified AQUASAP are stable and can be stored in a sealed container, out of direct sunlight, in a cool area for considerable periods.


*AQUASAP is compatible with most other fertilizers, amendments and pesticides. However, a jar test should be performed to ensure proper mix and compatibiity before use.